Four Hands Massage

Four Hands Massage

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A man is never satisfied with one and one alone. And that is precisely the reason why four hands massage or sandwich massage is gaining popularity far and wide all over India. Are you wondering about the extra set of hands? Well, four hands massage means that there will not be one, but two sexy and well-trained masseuses who will work in sync to provide you with ultimate comfort and relaxation. Imagine being in constant body contact with the four arms, four legs, and of course, four luscious and glistening breasts all at once. It is stuff that fantasies are made of. It is what man has been secretly dreaming about for centuries, and so Click4Pleasure Spa is here to make all your sexual fantasies materialize, with the famous four hands massage. Four hands massage is so deliciously orgasmic that you will feel the surge of multiple orgasms during the session.

If you are feeling bored with life, weary, low on libido, and desperately in need of some action, then get in touch with Click4Pleasure Spa right now for the hottest massage experience of your life. Schedule an erotic four hands massage session with two sexy and busty masseuses who will massage your body and private parts to improve your sexual stamina and make you perform like a sex machine, unstoppable and powerful.

four hands massage

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How does four hands massage benefit you?

Four hands massage is not only a treat for your throbbing manhood, but is excellent for releasing the kinks, knots, and stiffness of the joints and muscles. It is the most relaxing massage session in which the expert masseuses mirror each other’s moves and work in complete unison to take you to the ultimate state of relaxation and sensual satisfaction. If you are feeling too tense and tired, and the responsibilities of life are weighing down upon you or taking a toll on your sanity and health, then drop everything and book a four hands massage session at Click4Pleasure Spa for intense massaging and deep comfort. Some of the most alluring benefits of four hands massage at Click4Pleasure Spa include:

Reduction of stress and anxiety

Four hands massage therapy is a remedy for the body, mind, and soul. The masseuses are skilled and highly experienced in massaging in unique ways that work to decrease the cortisol level in the body, which improves the mood, does away with stress, and promotes relaxation. You will get a double massage in one session in the four hands massage session, which is perfect for complete comfort and repose.

Improvement in blood circulation

There can be no better way to regulate blood circulation than by making two sexy and busty masseuses in sheer g-strings and thongs to glide on your body in unique tactile motion or massage your chest, back, and private parts too with bared curves glistening with massage oil. Regular massaging is key to healthy blood circulation, and four hands massage is the best for establishing healthy blood flow. Delay the process of aging and live longer with a healthy heart thanks to regular four hands massage session.

Development in physical strength.

When it comes to the good things of life, two are always better than one. As for a sensual and sexy massage, there can be nothing better than a set of four hands moving and gliding, rubbing and pressing gently against your body, or caressing your acing manhood that craves for the gentle touch of women. Regular four hands massage sessions can help in curing the stiffness of muscles and develop your physical abilities to perform better at work and in bed too. The sexy and curvy masseuses will work in flawless unison to relieve you of stress and kinks and make you feel amazing by the end of the session.

How to reserve a four hands massage session?

Schedule a four hands massage session today at Click4Pleasure Spa, and revel in the incredible comfort, sexual satisfaction, and relaxation that will prevail upon you during the massage. Get an appointment through a call or visit Click4Pleasure Spa to book a four hands massage session. The sexy masseuse will welcome you in style and take you to a private massage room, softly lit with soothing lights with slow and dreamy music playing in the background.

Confide in the masseuse about your health issues and preferences. A four hands massage can include different combinations of massage types such as Swedish massage, Shiatsu massage, topless massage, deep tissue massage, and more. Check with your therapist and ask all your questions before the massage session begins.

Take a hot shower before the session to make the body more receptive to the four hands massage therapy. Use the soap, body wash, and towels, which Click4Pleasure Spa provides for every client. Take a shower after the massage session as well to remove the traces of products from the body and feel the most refreshed ever.

You may undress fully and instruct the masseuses to do the same, or stay partially covered with the massage towels during the massage. The masseuses will now use their soft hands and smooth bodies to massage, rub, and caress you to climax and more

You may undress fully and instruct the masseuses to do the same, or stay partially covered with the massage towels during the massage. The masseuses will now use their soft hands and smooth bodies to massage, rub, and caress you to climax and more

The body to body massage is ideal for enhancing sexual vigor and vitality. If you have been sexually inactive for a prolonged period, or if you are feeling low on libido or sexual prowess, then quit stressing out about it, and call Click4Pleasure Spa for the most epicurean massage session.

Chuck your worries and bid farewell to your pain with the body to body massage at Bangalore that will charge your senses and enrich your health and wellness. Luxuriate the delicate touch of the masseuse while she appeals to your manhood with her body heat and esthetic massaging.

What are the different types of body to body massage in Bangalore?

Body to body massage in Bangalore pursues a holistic approach with its different categories that are exciting, stimulating, relaxing, and rejuvenating. Here are some of the popular body to body massage services available at Click4Pleasure Spa.

Female to male body to body massage

If you are a man with balls, then this body to body massage will make you revel in erotic pleasure. The female masseuse will rub your body with her soft and dulce breasts until you feel nothing but immense satisfaction and vigor. Every man must relish the female to male body to body massage once in a lifetime for a fascinating experience and massage ever.

Sensual or orgasmic body to body massage

Who says that a massage is for back pain or limbs? Your private areas may be aching for a woman’s touch, too, and so, orgasmic body to body massage in Bangalore ensures that you bust a nut during the massage. The female masseuse will arouse your sexual desire and enhance your prowess with the deft and relaxing body to body massage of your private parts. This category of the body to body massage is excellent for prolonging sexual activity and for good sexual health.

Topless female to male body to body massage

The enthralling experience of her breasts rubbing against the chest and waist can make any man feel weak in the knees. The female masseuse will step out of her top and massage your body with her voluptuous milky breasts, that will arouse your senses and make you feel so beautiful.


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